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For the last four years, Honningbarna have made their mark both at home and abroad. They debuted in 2010 with their self-titled EP and in 2011 they won a competition by Norway’s biggest youth radio channel for unsigned bands. The same year they released their debut album ’La alarmane gå’, which was rewarded with a Norwegian Grammy in the rock category.

The Norwegian Grammy came very unexpectedly on the band, which was in the middle of a concert appearance in the Netherlands when they got the message.

-We chose to rather play a concert than to be in the award ceremony because that’s where our music belongs, that’s where we create something. We found out that we won while on stage, so it turned out to be a pretty special concert.
-Edvard Valberg

But Honningbarna want more than just make music. They have a message and have already managed to get large parts of Norway’s bible belt to sing along to ’Free Palestine’. They have achieved sing-alongs in the rest of Norway and far beyond the borders- at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, at Eurosonic in the Netherlands and at various venues in London.

-The goal of the lyrics is that people have to think for themselves and we will put them in situations where it is required. We do not care if some road will be developed or not, there are big ideas and thoughts that will make a change. Honningbarna’s goal is simply world domination. With pure energy and genuine love for music amidst the crowd and fans. 
Honningbarna’s stage show is known as one of the best in the country. It is almost impossible not to get carried away. As one reviewer wrote after the concert at by:Larm in 2012: -If you were there and didn’t like it, you might as well stay at home instead of going to concerts. There is no better live-injection of music happiness than what Honningbarna delivers.

“Norway’s most exciting new band” —, fra Pstereofestivalen
 “Featuring a cello, a Hammond organ, two guitars, a bass, a drum kit, and loads of fresh young anarchism, these guys certainly made one of the most killer first impressions on an audience I’ve seen in a very long time” — shortandsweetnyc / Christine Thelen

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